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Data Archiving

Archiving SAPOffice, Business Workplace

Sunday, 18 August 2019 04:57


Content of Tables:

SOC3 : Table SOC3 stores information like application mails, URLs, work item notes, PC documents and contents of documents which are created and sent in SAP Business Workplace (formerly SAPoffice) and documents created using Generic Object Services (GOS). Therefore, the size of SOC3 depends heavily on how frequently such types of documents are sent within a system. The corresponding meta data is stored in table SOOD, folder management data in table SOFM, information of the send process in tables SOOS (send procedure) and send history in SOST.



Archiving Application Logs

Sunday, 18 August 2019 04:57


The application tool is a tool that collects messages, exceptions, warnings and errors, logs from different applications are written to the database and contain information on messages/events for further analysis. These logs get accumulated over the period of time but are not automatically deleted.  Application events can be logged centrally in the application log.



Arciving Intermediate Documents

Sunday, 18 August 2019 04:57


Archiving Intermediate Documents (IDOC)

Every application that exchange data writes information to tables EDIDC, EDIDS, and EDI40. In some cases, table EDI30C(table cluster for records as of Release 3.0C) contains data from previous releases.

Object specific link data are written in tables IDOCREL and SRRELROLES.

Archiving :

Intermediate documents (IDOC) can be archived using archiving object IDOC depending upon the status, another important fact is that archived IDOCs can be reloaded into the database (though the general recommendation from SAP to not to reload any archived data).