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SAP Instance Not Coming up Due to Semaphore 50

Monday, 17 June 2019 15:08

Have you ever seen semaphore 50 which is causing the all the workprocess to continue to be in running state for the infinite period?, DP_CANT_HANDLE_REQ

Symptom : Below is the error message you may see in dev_disp when you see all your workprocesses are in running state with semaphore 50. There will not be any other error message / trace information.



Never Attempt to Add Support Pack Related Transport Requests into Buffer Manually @ OS Level,

Monday, 17 June 2019 15:08


Once we had a situation where the transport buffer got corrupted after the DDIC_ACTIVATION phase of Support Pack Upgrade, according to SAP, it is not possible to reset the queue if the DDIC_ACTIVATION phase is crossed, the only option is to roll back using the backup taken prior to Support Pack upgrade. But in our situation, we did not want to reset the queue/roll back, but wanted to try to add the support package related transport requests into buffer manually using tp addtobuffer command. SPAM did not really detect that we added the transport requests manually and it let us to proceed further without any warnings/errors. To our surprise, each and every step of support pack upgrade got completed successfully, but at the end of all the necessary upgrade steps, SPAM introduced an additional step called "Generation of Programs and Screens" which is nothing but  Compilation/SGEN for every object stored in each of the support package requests.



Table Buffing Explained

Monday, 17 June 2019 15:08


Table Buffering - ST02


Buffering Types



Single-record buffer (what you see in ST02) contains the data that is needed for accesses that are performed using all table keys of a table, for example, query with all the primary keys specified in the where clause.  The buffering concept works as usual, each record that is fetched from the database for the first time is placed in the buffer, whenever the same record is requested by the query, it can be read from the buffer instead of disk.


For example



Deactivating HTTPs for Webdynpro pages

Monday, 17 June 2019 15:08

Do you want to get rid of URLs getting redirected to HTTPs and Multiple Logon.



2. Service Name : Webdynpro

3. Sap -> bc - > webdynpro (Right Click - > Display Service)

4. Configuration


5. Change the protocol to “Do not Switch”

6. Uncheck the “Check for Multiple Logon”


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Deactivating HTTPs for Webdynpro pages