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Could not start an ABAP Instance

Monday, 14 October 2013 02:59

Written by Prakash Palani

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ERROR => ThCallHooks: event handler ThrSaveSPAFields for event BEFORE_DUMP failed ERROR => ThrSaveSPAFields: no valid thr_wpadm [thxxrun1.c   844]ERROR => ThInit: ThIPCInit (step 1, th_errno 17, action 3, level 1) [thxxhead.c   11326]ERROR => ThIPCInit: hook failed [thxxhead.c   2197]ERROR => ThCallHooks: event handler db_init for event CREATE_SHM failed [thxxtool3.c  302]ERROR => dbexpbuf[EXP_SHB]: db_exp_init(EXP_INIT)=16


Based on the analysis, we could see that someone has played around with the export/import buffer object, they increased it to a value which cannot be accommodated by an Instance. So, we tried to reduce the buffer value to 30k which then resolved the issue.

Parameter Adjusted in Instance Profile : rsdb/obj/max_objects




Could not start an ABAP Instance