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IDOC with Status 75 (qRFC)

Thursday, 11 October 2012 12:39

Written by Pranesh Soundarrajan

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We have a real time interface in one of our ECC system and it is used to receive the  IDOCs from the third party application through SAP PI. Basically it is an inbound processing in ECC system,  on a fine Monday, all the IDOCs received at the ECC end started queuing up with the Status 75 without any further processing.


Upon our analysis we found that one of the IDOCs got failed and the status was changed to 52 (Incorrect program logic by Developer) which made the IDOCs to get stuck in the queues. Queue is basically defined from PI with message processing order, the same in our case was EOIO (Exactly once in order/ Synchronous), so basically this means only if the Predecessor IDOC is successfully processed in ECC system the successive IDOCs will get processed else this will stay in the ECC (in the queue) . In our case we had a IDOC with status 52, we have requested our support team to clear off the failed  IDOC which has the status 52.  After clearing the problematic IDOC we ran the report RSINBQUEUE which has processed all the IDOCs those were in  queue. We have also suggested our support team to schedule this report in the background to run for every 5 minutes which will take care of processing the IDOCs in the inbound queue. You can also reprocess it  using WEINBQUEUE transaction in dialog mode.

IDOC with Status 75 (qRFC)