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SPNego : Troubleshooting

Friday, 21 September 2012 07:02

Written by Prakash Palani

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This article is about the the tools that I use to troubleshoot the famous SPNego related problems (in Windows Environment), when a Single Sign-on in an SAP environment doesn't work as expected and continues to throw the logon screen, these are the tools that helps in keep going.


1. Network Monitor from Microsoft - User friendly and easy to use tool, this can give you some basic error information on where the problem is.

2. Deleg Config Tool - > Wonderful tool that can help you to trouble shoot the problem with some basic settings of SPNego. You can download the tool from the below blog, thanks to the genius Brian Booth for such a brilliant tool


3. Diag Tool -> This is SAP's magic tool, this can point you towards where exactly is the problem, most of the time I end up only using this tool to troubleshoot all my problems with SPNego.

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SPNego : Troubleshooting