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6952 Error in BW Accelerator

Friday, 07 September 2012 06:05

Written by Prakash Palani

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In high load situations, you may get below error message from BW Accelerator.

The following error 6,952 occurred in BIA error

Amount of data to be read from the BIA server is too large

Solution :

According to OSS Note : 1002839, this error can occur when the amount of cells to be processed by BWA (as of Revision 48) has crossed a predefined limit ( limited to 40000000), basically the limit is a combination of number of columns and rows that is resulted from your query.   In order to resolve it, if you are very sure that your query is going to return such a large number of cells, then increase the value of max_cells_one_index parameter to the expected value.  Keep in mind that there is another note from SAP 1018798 which states that changing this value may have negative impact on your BWA performance and it also contains other measures that can be taken to avoid 6952 errors.






6952 Error in BW Accelerator