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BW Query Performance Optimization

Wednesday, 05 September 2012 11:55

Written by Prakash Palani

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Recently we had a BW query performance issue reported in one of the BW system, since it was a  peculiar issue (though this is something normal to SAP) , wanted to share the analysis through this article.

Problem Description : Query Run Time is beyond 10 minutes.

Analysis :

From the STAD analysis, it was evident that we did not have any problem with the database access / hardware, we tried to execute the problematic query and understood that the query ran for about 9 minutes in total (3 minutes for data fetching and 6 minutes for quantity conversion). We were able to identify the same with the help of transaction SM50 in which the report/method CL_RSR_LOOKUP_UOMTT was running for about 6 minutes. We understood that this program is related to Unit of Measurement conversion which runs right after fetching the necessary records from the database. The other 3 minutes were spent on the database which looked normal from the database request time perspective, so we started to focus on  how we can reduce the runtime of the quantity conversion.

Corrective Action:

Implement OSS Note 1500503 which enhances quantity conversion programs, in addition to the correction instructions, set parameter RUOM_ODSO_FOR_ALL_ENTRIES in RSADMIN table, you can use the program  SAP_RSADMIN_MAINTAIN to add an entry into RSADMIN table (recommended to test in non-production before adding it in production).





BW Query Performance Optimization