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Steps to trigger Early Watch Alert for AS Java manually (Solution Manager 7.1)

Monday, 13 August 2012 09:41

Written by Prakash Palani

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In this article, I have detailed out the steps involved in triggering EWA for Java manually, generally it is scheduled to run once a week, there could be some requirements to evaluate the current KPI levels for which you may have to forcefully start the EWA report generation. Below instructions will help you with the step by step process to achieve the same.

Please note that Solution Manager Diagnostics / Root Cause Analysis is a prime pre-requisite to generate EWA for Java based systems, hence please attempt to follow the steps only if you have configured root cause analysis standard in solution manager.  As another pre-requisite, solution must have been created with the respective logical components and systems in it.

SOLMAN_WORKCENTER - > System Monitoring - > Reports

Click On My Solution, this will take you to the classic view of solution in which you can manually create the required service (i.e. DSWP which was core functionality of solution manager 7.0)

Choose the System for which you need the EWA report and Press Create

This will create a session with timer icon in it , this icon indicates that the job is scheduled to run and waiting for the data to follow into solution manager.

Make a note of session number (100000000331), this is the number that will be used to identify the session (in SDCCN) created in the previous step


For AS Java systems, Solution Manager will act as a service data control center system, hence open SDCCN in Solution Manager. As a first step, go to SDCCN and create “Refresh Session”.



Refresh Session is needed to let SDCCN know that there is a new session created and the same needs to be processed, if “Refresh Session” is not scheduled, then none of the services can be delivered. It is recommended to run “Refresh Session” daily/weekly, as we are manually triggering EWA, it is needed to trigger Refresh Session step manually in this case.

Once the Refresh Session jobs is completed, you will see a session with the number (100000000331) that we marked in one of the previous steps, choose that particular session and proceed with menu Edit - > Start Now. This will trigger the data collection and  submission to solution manager.

Once the above session is completed, the icon in solution view will get changed to , this indicates that the data has arrived into solution manager and waiting for further processing (i.e. validation and generation of report)

Click on the session, then proceed with “Start Service Processing”, this will validate the data and generate the EWA report.


That is it, you should be able to view the EWA report by clicking on icon .

Steps to trigger Early Watch Alert for AS Java manually  (Solution Manager 7.1)