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Whats New in MDM 7.1 SP 07?

Tuesday, 31 July 2012 13:49

Written by Bharathwaj Venkataramani

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MDM 7.1 SP 07

Issues connecting to repository after patching to SP07 using SRM MDM Search UI.

There are so many enhancements in the  7.1 SP07. Some of them would be


a) Support for secure communication using SSL ( which is optional while updating to SP 07)

b) Support for NW 7.3

c) Change of icons for disconnected repositories etc.

One of the major changes from the SP06 to to SP07 for 7.1 is the MDM connector.

Until SP06 where it was enough for you to patch just the components SRM-MDM Search UI and the MDM JAVA API. (These are the components to connect the backend Java system to the MDS) on the java side for the connector to be update.

How ever, from SP07, SAP has separated the MDM connector from the SRM MDM Search UI and the MDM Java API and has packaged it as a different SCA called the MDM Connector ( MDM °Connector_patchno.SCA)

Unless you deploy this SCA file, the search UI will not be able to conent to the repositories ( As we found out recently, so sneeky of SAP :) )

More information can be found here.



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Whats New in MDM 7.1 SP 07?