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Tuesday, 31 July 2012 13:49

Written by Bharathwaj Venkataramani

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You would like to know what are the steps to create a Slave repository once you have a Master Repository

Once you have the Master Repository, you would like to know how to create a SLAVE repository and also on how to keep it in SYNCH with the Master repository.

The steps are detailed below

  1. Once you are connected to the master repositoy, right click on the master repository and go till the option of create slave.You will be asked if the repository has to be verified before the slave is created. Choose No and conitnue
  2. Select the DBMS Server and give the user credentials for that DBMS server ( Normally it would be user "sa"' and its password credentials.
  3. Here you can select a new repository name , ex. if you have the master as TST_MASTER, you can give the name as TST_SLAVE
    • Note: Please choose the approriate name as if you select from the pull down menu, you could overwrite an existing repository.

4. Now click on finish.When you click on finish, you can see in the MDM console that the Master would be duplicating meaning that it is creating the SLAVE

5. Once the SLAVE creation is completed, you can see the change of icon in the Master repository ( pink couloring on the icon ) and you will get the message that the respository was successfully duplicated.Once the SLAVE has been created, it will still not be displayed in the MDM console until it is mounted.

6. Righ click on the server and click on mount respositoy.Connect to the DB with the "sa" credentials and give the repository name ( example TST_SLAVE) and give the port number on which it has to be mounted.

  • Make sure you give a port which is not used already else you will not be able to mount the repository.

Double click the SLAVE repository and conenct to it with the required credentials.Right click on the repository and do a load repository ->Immediate. Wait until it is fully loaded, and you can the respository will come to status Loaded Running.

Now your SLAVE repository has been created and loaded.



Once you have the MASTER and SLAVE, you need to have a Synch script to keep the Master and Slave in synch once or twice a day.

When ever you need to do a snchronization of the SLAVE manually,you can right click on the Master repository and click on Synchronize SLAVE.

To automate this, get this to be done by a script and put it in a scheduler ( for Windows ) or in crontab ( Unix)

p.s - We got the script from SAP which we changed according to our environment and have put it in the scheduler to run twice a day.

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