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Tuesday, 31 July 2012 12:50

Written by Prakash Palani

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Test Import : Have you ever wondered what really happens during the test import phase of an SAP SUPPORT PACK Upgrade?

Here is the explanation what exactly is happening in the test import process.


The test import is not a process to import each and every object into the target system, it is more like a validation process for the objects to be imported into the target system. The test import establishes the connectivity to the database and validates the objects listed in the request.

An error will be thrown when one of the below scenario is identified during the validation

  • The target system is the source system of that specific object
    • Solution : You may have to perform non-standard import
  • A repair flag is set in the target system
    • Solution : Confirm the repair flag
  • A table into which the data to be imported does not really exist at the database level
    • Solution : Find the reason and create the table needed.

If you want to completely deactivate the testimport process, set the testimport indicator as FALSE in the TP Profile.

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