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SAP Instance Not Coming up Due to Semaphore 50

Tuesday, 31 July 2012 12:44

Written by Prakash Palani

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DpEnvCheck: set dp_high_prio_state to DP_HPRIO_TIMEOUT (1 rqs)

*** WARNING => DpEnvCheck: timeout of HIGH PRIO msg, return DP_CANT_HANDLE_REQ


Generally semaphore 50 will be thrown when there are pending update entries related to this specific application server (it may sound weird, but that’s the fact), request your application team to process all the pending updates with respect to the application server which is having above mentioned symptom.


If the instance is still not coming up even after cleaning up all the pending updates, then as a work around, disable the update workprocesses. (believe me, this will work)

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SAP Instance Not Coming up Due to Semaphore 50