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Never Attempt to Add Support Pack Related Transport Requests into Buffer Manually @ OS Level,

Tuesday, 31 July 2012 12:44

Written by Prakash Palani

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Once we had a situation where the transport buffer got corrupted after the DDIC_ACTIVATION phase of Support Pack Upgrade, according to SAP, it is not possible to reset the queue if the DDIC_ACTIVATION phase is crossed, the only option is to roll back using the backup taken prior to Support Pack upgrade. But in our situation, we did not want to reset the queue/roll back, but wanted to try to add the support package related transport requests into buffer manually using tp addtobuffer command. SPAM did not really detect that we added the transport requests manually and it let us to proceed further without any warnings/errors. To our surprise, each and every step of support pack upgrade got completed successfully, but at the end of all the necessary upgrade steps, SPAM introduced an additional step called "Generation of Programs and Screens" which is nothing but  Compilation/SGEN for every object stored in each of the support package requests.

As a result of additing support pack requests manually using tp addtobuffer and the long runtime of "generation of programs" step, the Support Pack Upgrade was running longer than expected, to be more precise, "General of Programs" alone was running for  more than  30 hours which was affecting the estimated downtime (overall estimated runtime was just 32 hours, but in our case it ran for close to 60 hours).


Runtime of "Generation of Programs and screens" cannot be influenced/avoided, hence if you come across a situation where the buffer gets empty, do not attempt to add transport requests manully into the queue @ OS Level, rather call off the activity and initiate a roll back plan to proceed further.


It is not just about the extended/longer downtime, in case of any abnormalities, SAP will straight away raise their hands and say that this is not the recommended procedure and they cannot support it anyway.

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Never Attempt to Add Support Pack Related Transport Requests into Buffer Manually @ OS Level,