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Arciving Intermediate Documents

Tuesday, 31 July 2012 12:34

Written by Prakash Palani

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Archiving Intermediate Documents (IDOC)

Every application that exchange data writes information to tables EDIDC, EDIDS, and EDI40. In some cases, table EDI30C(table cluster for records as of Release 3.0C) contains data from previous releases.

Object specific link data are written in tables IDOCREL and SRRELROLES.

Archiving :

Intermediate documents (IDOC) can be archived using archiving object IDOC depending upon the status, another important fact is that archived IDOCs can be reloaded into the database (though the general recommendation from SAP to not to reload any archived data).



As of Basis Release 620, object links are always archived but are not deleted with the corresponding idocs which means that you need to use RSRLDEL to delete the object linkages.

It is generally recommended / sufficient to archive IDOC data by selecting the creation date, current status, and/or logical message (message types).

Pre-requisites for Archiving:

As mentioned earlier, IDOCs can be archived with archiving object IDOC, depending on its status. Transaction WE47 is used to define the status of an IDOC (received or sent) that can be archived.

There are no direct residence time that can be set for an IDOC. However, you can use the start date and end date in selection criteria as an indirect residence time for the archive runs.

If you want to view the archived IDOC specific data, you can use either transaction WE10 or report RSEXARCR


There are no dependencies for archiving IDOCs, there is also not a reference check done to application documents generated from IDOCS. However, indirect dependencies exist to the deletion reports for ALE change pointers (tables BDCP and BDCPS|) and object linkages. ALE Change pointers and object linkages must be deleted after the IDOCs are archived.

Please note that IDocs with an error status codes can only be archived after the error handling steps are taken, in other words, they either have to be migrated to an archived status or managed as obsolete IDocs.



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Arciving Intermediate Documents