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Dashboard Designer - Error 2032 - BW Connection

Tuesday, 31 July 2012 11:56

Written by Prakash Palani

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I was fortunate enough to get #2032 error when I tried to open BW Query (using SAP NW Connection) using Dashboard Designer with BW 7.02. It helped me to  try out different kind of solutions (as indicated in many forums) and also to understand the BICS architecture better. For the benefit of others who might face similar issues, I have listed down the list of actions I carried out to overcome #2032 error. (don’t ask me which step exactly resolved my issue)


Below steps were followed based on various blogs, notes and forum discussions, since there has= been too many solutions for the #2032 error, I just wanted to collate everything in a single place, hence this article.

1.       Check hosts file

  • Make sure that the bw system is reachable from Dashboard Designer system in which you tried to create the dashboard

2.       Make sure to check whether the bicsremote web service is available in your java stack (sap note 1408384 - "error 2032 - web service is not available".)

3.       Make sure to check the bex setup between java and abap stack

4.       Make sure that the rspor_t_portal contains

  • HTTP (protocol) / HTTPS is not supported
  • Proper hostname and port

5.       Crossdomain.xml

  • Follow oss note 1376924 - error #2048/#2032 running xcelsius models with sap datasource

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Dashboard Designer - Error 2032 - BW Connection