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Dashboard Data Connectivity with BW

Tuesday, 31 July 2012 11:52

Written by Prakash Palani

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Business Objects Dashboard offers various options to establish connectivity with SAP NetWeaver system, after reading through this blog, I am sure everyone will feel that this is one of the most complex connectivity diagram you have seen it in the recent years J, let me explain it further to make it easier for you.

Dashboards can make connectivity to SAP BW using various options as outlined below:


Option 1 : Through Web Service (Query as a Web Service (QaaWS)


In this method, a web service data source which was created based on web intelligence document can be used in Dashboards to connect to BW system. Web Intelligence documents will in turn establish connectivity using Universe / Direct Access Method.



Option 2 : Live Office

You can use Live Office based contents in dashboards to connect to BW system, Live Office will in turn use Web Intelligence or Crystal Reports 2011 documents to establish the connectivity.


Option 3 : Direct Access


You can use Direct Access method to connect to SAP BEx query directly using the BICS that is available in SAP Netweaver (Option 3.1) (or) the BICS available in the Business Objects itself (Option 3.2), in the later scenario, you do not need a Java Stack to host and run the Dashboard application.



Option 4 :

Connectivity can be established based on Universe 4.x, this will be based on the info providers such as multi-provider, infocube, etc.,





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Dashboard Data Connectivity with BW