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SQL Service Pack Upgrade Issues

Tuesday, 31 July 2012 11:36

Written by Prakash Palani

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Today I had to deal with many number of issues those occurred while performing SQL Service Pack 4 Upgrade in MSCS environment, the issues were absolutely strange (at least to me), there were no structural solution given either by SAP / Microsoft, hence I had to go with my own way of identifying the root cause.  I have listed down all of the issues and the possible solutions below,  I am sure this will help you one or the other day when you attempt to implement SQL Service Packs in MSCS environment.


Issue # 1 : Unable to install windows installer MSP file


Solution :  Stop the installation process, kill all the hotfix.exe and  related processes (msiexec) those are running in both the nodes. If needed, restart both the nodes to clear the hanging installation processes.

Issue # 2 :  Installation in Passive Node gets stuck and runs for a very long time, below kind of message can be seen in the log, but nothing more.



Solution : Killed msiexec process on the passive node (when the installation is running), then it will be alright (believe me, it worked very well for me)


Issue # 3 : MSP Error 29512, SQL Server Setup was unable add user to local group

Solution : Check the user which is used to run the SQL services is added to the cluster group mentioned in the error message, if not add the user to the user  group related to the cluster. If that is something not doable, then change the service to run with the user that is maintained in the cluster group mentioned in the error (the same should be done using the configuration manager and not directly in the services.msc)



Issue # 4 : sqlsrvres.dll is being held in use by the following process name : resrcmon


Solution : You may ignore the error message as this is just a warning, this is really not something to be worried about, if you still think that there is a problem due to the file being blocked, then  uncheck the “Run this resource in a separate resource monitor” in the cluster configuration for the services related to SQL server.


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SQL Service Pack Upgrade Issues