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SQL Statement Tuning - Part 4

Tuesday, 31 July 2012 10:54

Written by Prakash Palani

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SolutionDB/Solution Database

Another interesting tip on Expensive SQL Statements, it helps you to quickly find a solution for expensive sql statements that are originating from SAP Standard Programs/logics.


In general, once you have identified the SQL Statement which is causing the high response time, you should look into the Solution DB that is available from SAP. This particular option is most useful for the frequently faced performance issues with SAP Standard Programs, Tables,  Index, Functional Modules, etc.

Solution Database provides you with the pointers such as OSS Notes, Coding Change, Secondary Index Requirement, Statistics Parameters, Histograms, Table Modification, Reorganization, etc.,


Here is the URL to access the Expensive SQL Statements Solution DB:





This might look like a small piece of information, but it is very useful for the known issues and helps you with the pointers to resolve the performance issues in a short timeframe.




SQL Statement Tuning - Part 4