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SQL Statement Tuning - Part 2

Tuesday, 31 July 2012 10:44

Written by Prakash Palani

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Have you ever looked at the column identical in ST05 analysis results, it is one of the interesting information that you see in ST05. It will help you to get the list of identical selects that tells you how often each identical select was executed during the SQL Trace.


Have a look at the below one, reasonable number of statements are identical and being executed multiple times, generally this could be a coding issue as mentioned below:

Within the code, you might have DO-ENDDO control statement containing a statement and a macro that will run through the control statement for a specific amount of time.

It could also be due to 'SELECT SINGLE' within a LOOP-> ENDLOOP control statement, where the returned records are identical

Please keep in mind that every expensive SQL Statement will cause below side-effects in your system.


  • High CPU Utilization
  • High I/O Load
  • They block R/3 Workprocesses




They read many data blocks from the data buffer which displaces data required by other SQL statements which in turn will cost you more in terms of I/O (because the displaced data will be directly read from hard disk)

It is imperative that you take necessary actions against the expensive SQL Statements, it will be a good idea to conduct a SQL Statement Tuning session every month/quarterly (rather than waiting for performance issue to occur) to keep your system's performance level at par.

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SQL Statement Tuning - Part 2