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I/O Performance - MSS

Tuesday, 31 July 2012 10:40

Written by Prakash Palani

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An easy way to check I/O performance in SAP system based on Windows/MSS

In order to achieve optimal I/O performance, it is imperative to evenly distribute the read accesses and write accesses on the hard disks of your production system (any system for that matter). An high level view on the I/O performance can be checked in transaction ST06, in addition to ST06, there are other options using which you can check the I/O performance. This blog is about how you can check the I/O performance of an SAP system based on Windows/MSS database.

ST04 - > I/O Performance -> This will list down the datafiles and the drives associated with the database.


In the below screenshot, it displays the Windows files and drives that store data of the MSSQL-Server, according to Microsoft/SAP times of more than 50 ms/operation render a database server quasi performing low, less than 10 ms indicates a good performing system.



If you notice any abnormal indicators under ms/OP, it is recommended to use further tools like “Performance Monitor” to check the disk performance. The important counters are “Average Disk Sec/Read”, “Average Disk Read Bytes/Sec”, “Current Disk Queue Length” under Logical/Physical disk.



I/O Performance - MSS