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SQL Statement Tuning - Part 1

Tuesday, 31 July 2012 10:29

Written by Prakash Palani

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Zero Records Processed

This blog is a kind of tip to identify the potential performance problem in an SAP system, in this page, we will be discussing about the SQL Statement which returns "Zero Records" while processing.

How do we identify it:

1. Activate ST05 Trace -> Run the Program in Question - >  Deactivate the Trace

2. Look at the ST05 Trace (using Summarize SQL Statement view) and look for the "Records" column in the analysis screen, see below






















If you see any SQL Statements with Many Executions returns 0 Records, then there is a potential opportunity for you to tune the SQL Statement.

Basically "Zero Records" returned in following cases, please check whether you can tune/avoid the SQL Statement in Focus:


  • There could be a functional issue with the access
  • Find out whether there are any records that match the where clause given in the SQL Statement (using the Bind Variable)
  • If the statement is on the internal table, ensure that the requested data is available in the internal table


You can also perform the similar analysis using SQL Statement Cache.




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SQL Statement Tuning - Part 1