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No Service for System SAP

Tuesday, 17 September 2019 22:45

You may end up with following error message while transferring IDOC based messages to PI.

Below are the sequence of steps recommended to troubleshoot the same.

1. Business System Maintenance in SLD

2. Logical System Assignment to Business System

3. Clear SLD Cache in Integration Builder

4. In Integration Builder, make sure appropriate logical system is visible under "Adapter Specific Identifier" in Business System Configuration. If the logical system is not reflecting, then click on "Compare with System Landscape Directory" (tiny button under Adapter Specific Identifier).

5. Perform SXI_CACHE - Full Cache Refresh

6. Create port entries in transaction IDX1

7. Make sure the metadata is loaded in transaction IDX2


No Service for System SAP

SAP Architecture History and Evolution

Tuesday, 17 September 2019 22:45


SAP Product Naming and History

We have been asked by many fellow consultants/customers about the different naming conventions used by SAP. I referred many blogs, forums to understand the same but did not find anything concrete for my understanding..

There was even a report by GARTNER which criticizes the naming convention used by SAP.



Facts on SAP Applications running on MS SQL Server with VMware software

Tuesday, 17 September 2019 22:45


SAP Application servers running on VMWare servers receiving frequent 10054 errors or disconnect to from database or Communication Link Failure between application server and database servers.

SAP recommends to follow the OSS Note:



Increase Heap Memory of Wily Introscope Enterprise Manager

Tuesday, 17 September 2019 22:45


Steps to increase Wily Introscope JVM Heap Size



When you have many agents connected to Wily introscope, there is a possibility that the Wily enterprise manager gets restarted/stopped due to OutOfMemory issues, in such situations, it is recommended to increase the JVM of the enterprise manager.  Below steps will help you to adjust the heap memory settings for Wily Enterprise Manager.