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HANA : No Class Found - Relational Connection to NewDB

05 October 2012

Written by Prakash Palani

While creating a connection to HANA Database from Information Design Tool, you may end up with an error message "No Class Found". In such cases, follow OSS Note :  1591695 - How to set up HANA JDBC Connectivity for Universes.


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Failed to connect, java.io.IOException: invalid response User ID Creation in Managed System Setup

04 October 2012

Written by Prakash Palani

Symptom : During Managed System Setup, in the user creation step, you may get the below mentioned error message.

Failed to connect, java.io.IOException: invalid response from message server



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Failed to start StorageService during Release Upgrade

03 October 2012

Written by Pranesh Soundarrajan

Symptom :

Service "StorageService" started

java.io.EOFException: null

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Performance Issue - During Month End Activities

02 October 2012

Written by Prakash Palani

In one of our production system, we encountered a massive performance issue primarily due to database request time. In MSSQL, it is written in every Microsoft/SAP articles that the statistics will be updated automatically  and there is not a need for manual execution.   But in case of an ECC system, during the month end activities, we could see potential performance issues especially with the tables related to financial data, in most of the cases, we will run the update statistics manually which in turn will increase the performance.

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Database Mail - Queued but not delivered

01 October 2012

Written by Prakash Palani

Database Mail was not getting delivered after applying service pack 4 in MS SQL Server

Step 1 :

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